Friday, August 21, 2009

A fellow artist (who's blog I follow) has declared each and every summer Wednesday...self portrait day. I am never ever on time for this celebration of one's self for it is Friday and I've just now snapped a few shots. Could it be that I can not relax enough to muster up the nerve to capture my true essence until the days of the week have passed and the release of a Friday afternoon sends me into somewhat of a comfort zone?

I rest my camera's eye to my feet most of all. They are the work horse of where we go and where we've been. Pedicured or not. They always look happy to be right where they are.

One of my many treasures are three punched tin mirrors I have in my kitchen that I purchased 10 years ago at the Urban Outfitters on Mill Ave in Tempe, AZ. They simply hang chest high over a half moon glass, swirled forged iron, wall mount table from Z Gallerie (also on Mill), w/a gifted bamboo plant on top, in a corner of my kitchen. From time to time I use these mirrors to slap on some lipstick or check my teeth for arugula as I pass by them semi-squatting to catch a 4" x 4", muted glimpse of my appearance.

In my most favorite element I stacked votive candle holders under my camera atop of my dog's kennel. Setting my 10 second timer, I slid into my "made just for me" super thick afghan throw from a friend,, iron porch swing. What a great way to capture a celebration of myself this breezy summer afternoon.