Sunday, July 25, 2010

Official Inspiration

 Inspiration from the garden.
 Inspiration from someone else's garden.
Officially inspired.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lettin' It All Go

Spending time at the coast refreshes the creative flow,
cleanses the fragmented mind,
enriches get it.
I brought along this [click], this [click]
and this [click] to pass the time.
Bare feet are required:
while cracking crab
shooting oysters
and grilling salmon.
Realize pedicures & sand don't mix,
beware of expired sunscreen
and by all means sit on a rock in a big floppy hat and stare for a while
then soak in that hot tub until there isn't anything to think about
(not that there really was to begin with)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

This & That w/no Surprises or Pizazz

This July 4th I chose to stay behind and comfort an old friend. One who has had his fair share of explosive holidays (13 to be exact). It sounds like a war zone out there. In our part of the country fireworks are magnificently large and readily available to anyone willing to support the local organizations that sell them at the sidewalk stands. Our streets are lined with American Flags and the sweet smell of BBQ invisibly streams through the air.
Hand whipped made from scratch Vanilla Lemon Blueberry Mousse for my people as the firework mortars blast outside my kitchen window.
A hike to Elowah Falls on a warm sunny summer day.
Taking it all in.
A graphically prepared photo ready for encaustic work.
A cropping of a mixed media painting in it's infant stage, many weeks to go until completion.