Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thesis Studio: En Plein Air & Bitchin Cellos

From the 2014 PNCA BFA Thesis Exhibition
to a nesting spot on the creek in my yard...

my thesis installation has a new 
place to exist.

I have the cushion and will
install it when the days of sunshine over power
the days of rain...perhaps mid July.

Its organic composition
seems right at home,
as if it were meant to be here.

It's been reunited with the 
lighting (fire hazard) I
originally purchased
for the interior of the piece
(note safe distance from filament bulbs).

The top, that once stretched 
up 26 ft. high and sprawled out 12 ft.,
now rests in a lateral position attached to
a neighboring tree.

I wrapped up two-thirds of that section 
into a bundle-like cocoon.

Transforming the work from gallery/studio space
to the two trees in the outdoors
proved to be a worth while effort.

It's been raining, and raining, and raining.
Nature has mingled 
with the tarlatan fabric and wire structure.

Rust immediately began to drip
and stain the fabric.

From the inside 
a patina has added an additional layer.

The entrance.

The internal view looking up is now closed off
as it once gave the viewer a portal to the ceiling it once
connected to.

It now crimps at the neck.
It was too heavy and cumbersome
to wrestle the top portion
up into the trees, as
it was originally designed to do.
But it works, 
yes I had an extra set of stronger muscles to help me.

It's a small maple branch but mighty strong.

I can't say it will exist here forever
but I'm looking forward to the
transformation of form and texture.


my artist math equation...
Cello + AC/DC = F-N COOL ...


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mostly Berlin: Handstands on Historical Monuments & Other Tidbits

Smart packing for PDX to Europe...

Amsterdam Schiphol connection to...

Berlin Tegel to...

Mögelin, East Germany

and artist Angelika Otto

Breakfast destination three days in a row
it was THAT good.

As we ate we had the pleasure of enjoying this 
large poster ad on a pillar.

I was told it says something like this...

Now in the summer
more often times naked
we drink this beer
got a problem with that?

Charlottenburg Tor
a Neo-Barouque style gate with Doric porticoes
erected in 1907 to collect tolls & octroi (taxes)

2014 (me) & 1945 (Candian soldiers)
with a bronze of King Frederick I of Prussia
(1701-1713 founder of Charlottenburg)

Prussia: included parts of Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Belgium & the Czech Republic

A section of the Berlin wall on display in Berlin...
I can't remember exactly where.

There were applause during my 
"change of perspective" display.
I'll never really know.
But soon after I was enjoying 
a salted caramel gelato 50 yards away
under an architectural glass ceiling
Michelangelo would be in awe of.

Every Berlin day ended here...
Schleusen Krug
bier garten in

I would never get tired of this.

My niece & I pondering our next location
from the German Classism columns of the now...

Neue Wache

It served as a guard house until the end of the monarchy in 1918.
Became a memorial for WWI and served other functions after being damaged in WW2.
It now houses a statue titled "Mother with dead son" by Kathe Kollwitz.

We totally should of been doing handstands. Ugh.

I'm not sure what this is, 
I saw several.
I'm curious.
This was found on the Bodestrasse bridge 
over the off-shoot of the Spree.

(could find no online images of Bansky connection)

And then I did this...
(what remains of the Berlin Wall)

The history of what happened in this area
is almost too much for me to comprehend
being physically in the space.

It's as if it were a fictional tale.

The wall was never very tall, 3.6m (12ft.).

As I strolled through the Tiergarten
I noticed I unintentionally
matched my youngest niece's stroller.

Insignificant in the grand scheme of things I know,
 Upon discovering this
I felt I looked like I knew what I was doing
and that alone made me feel hip.

The Holocaust Memorial, Berlin.

Feeling disorientated
somewhat controlled
and closed in...

I thought it was best
to change my perspective.

Then my sister proceeds to inform me
that we are most likely Jewish via
our Lithuania Great grandparents
who fled during WWII to Chicago.
(hiding it from any legal record in the US)
(health history also backs this according to professionals)

Being raised Catholic (school n all)
I have to wonder is all of this relevant?
be a good person and pass that along
that elevates the potential that people could
have in changing the world for the better.

A drive by shot of some incredibly awesome yellow fish print pants 
and detailed menu display 
in East Berlin.
Areas of Berlin reminded me of Portland, OR
This moment in Berlin in 2010 does as well...

Friday, June 6, 2014

Truffle Trip - I'm Needing Silly

A truffle trade for a hair cut...

Walked it down the mountain
from home to salon...

Stopped at my friend Rita's house...

Posed for a pic with the sign I made
for my truffle receiving friend
that hangs at the entrance...

And again with the
fancy chandelier...

To rest next on the glass table
hopefully not to be covered in
snips of hair.


Glitz on the street.


Lazy morning youtube surf...Lora Zombie LUV...