Friday, September 16, 2011

Sculptue, Gigantic Sushi & Scarey Clowns

Of course I brought my camera along when my husband & I took a day to explore the intriguing culture of "antiquing". Which in my opinion is a very loose term. Via my artistic eye I saw a sculptural elements in many of the displays. And what a clever draw the attention of shoppers who are searching through a mecca of knick-knack-patty-whacks. This piece can stand on it's own for too many anti-depressant needing clown faces in one spot may set some people over the edge (Eddie B.).
 Of course when encountered with an emotionally disturbed hand painted clown figurine, one cannot help but recall their little brother hiding under a Moose Lodge family picnic table with a death grip on his grandfather's leg, screaming out in fear that the clown hired to entertain children may torture and destroy his very existence...or something to that nature for he was six and really couldn't articulate under such circumstances. Moving on...
 Then there are pretty things. And lots of them. Which are typically the pieces you have to budget in, for their sparkly esthetic attraction comes at a premium price. After claiming one of these must haves you may realize to your dismay, that they are much more appealing in their group setting...a sculptural setting was the hook.
 Speaking of sparkle....who cares if the label "antique shop" was on the store front??? Silver glitter grouped in perfect little glass jars all lined up in stadium format as if they are dressed in their best and out on the town in big high fashion, brings a twinkle to any gals eye. Reflective as they are...again....not as glamorous as a single representation. Almost like seeing one Rocket during a NYC Christmas performance. Around the corner... hit these babies. Several family members used to paint these in many cigarette smoke filled dining rooms (with protective plastic table clothes of course). Here they rest as if a country club graveyard of hang-able flat backed ceramic existed in this very glass case. They still appear to be as happy as the first day they were cast so I don't feel too disappointed that they all ended up here. They aren't cheap either. Over 100 bucks and you too can bring this treasure home. I think the optimal place should be eye level next to a commode. You may not notice it at first but in your peripheral vision your propriosenses kick in and you turn your head.....oh yeah...super-c r e e p y-perfect.
 I'm a sucker for metal objects. The more patina'd the better. These little jewels are sculptural enough to stand on their own. I purchased the one in the middle front and use it as a business card holder for my art cards. On my next trip I'd like to get a larger one to help store my paint brushes. That too will be an appeasing sculptural element on my over crowded desk. When you look up... take a gander at this beauty. How can you not resist concocting a story when you lay eyes on this?!?!? I'm guessing it's a 1950s - '60's era costume and crafted exquisitely. It was hung high above, out of arms reach. No touching this relic of someone's life journey...see the clerk at the front counter. At the booth across the isle... sits (awkwardly but maybe that's how he maintains his cut abs) the one armed Ken with white rubber low-heeled shoes and high wasted matching pants. Hmmm...if I only remembered where I placed my Ken doll arm collection from the 70's. Damn. I missed out on this one. But the counter down the hall....
 ...flashed me back to fifth grade. I had this exact style rotary phone in bright red to match my red & white room, complete with red looped carpet and canopy head board my creative mother designed. My room was so cool that I didn't even take into consideration I shared it with my sister eight years my junior. I was pretty bossy, I took over the space. I prominently displayed this classic piece of sculpture on my dresser next to my bed. Hands off to anyone who wasn't me. Well...I may of allowed my friend Lisa D. to use it when she needed a ride home after I got mad at her for not wanting to do things my way. And after experiencing several years of missing or damaged clothing during my sisters pre-teen years, I'm pretty sure she touched it any chance she got when I wasn't looking. After feeling pretty special about my red phone I glanced over at....
 ...this epic concept. I should of had one of these when I was talking on my red phone....I should have one of these now. Yet another project to indulge in when time allows. I couldn't purchase it. That would of been way too easy and demeaning of my artful essence of being. That silver glitter will no doubt be the perfect glitz to my new crown. Just when my mind was in the narcissistic zone of self centered bliss...
 ...I looked up and saw this. Really??? A  pipe smoking baby in a top hat & ascot. What part of art history is this in? It's obviously created from a mold which means someone thought it was a good idea to make more of these. It's large eyes do have a familiar resemblance to the Greek limestone Archaic funeral memorial kore/kouros figures of 600 BC (less the contrapposto pose of course). Could that be a hint of an Archaic smile? All this stimulation calls for...
...gigantic sushi the size of your face from Saburo in SE Portland. No joke. You get more for your money than any other sushi place. I chuckle each time my order is placed in front of me. The best approach is to have at least one person wait inline 30 min. prior to their opening. The line forms fast (People know this, it's no secret. You can tell by the expressions of woe & defeat on the drivers faces pulling up out front to drop of their chosen line person, when arriving just minutes late). Which leaves one or more of your party free to get Starbucks from across the street. This is particularly handy when it is winter and raining. Have your mind set prior to being seated for the competitive ordering has now begun and if your completed sushi menu isn't raised in your hand within a few minutes...bummer for're now at the back of the sushi assembly line. The process is so worth it. You'll love it. Even the part when you're the one freezing in the rain in January. But're the smart one and made sure you wore your PAC-NW layering system of clothing and protective gear and have your smartphone charged with plenty of entertainment on it. That way you won't be thinking of nasty names to call your companion(s) when they come back from the warm swanky atmosphere of Starbucks.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Post it note art for a Gala event.
 Charcoal markings for a class project.
 An acrylic painting from a tree sketch in the park.
My studio for a day... paint a mural.
A busy schedule packed with freelance work, full time school, two part-time jobs plus my family has me running on a tight schedule. It's refreshing to have a spot to just be short, sweet & to the point.
I have recently been
introduced to the painting
An American artist
who's work I am
drawn to
like a

vortex of 



I'm excited to see
how my next
painting turns out.