Friday, August 21, 2009

A fellow artist (who's blog I follow) has declared each and every summer Wednesday...self portrait day. I am never ever on time for this celebration of one's self for it is Friday and I've just now snapped a few shots. Could it be that I can not relax enough to muster up the nerve to capture my true essence until the days of the week have passed and the release of a Friday afternoon sends me into somewhat of a comfort zone?

I rest my camera's eye to my feet most of all. They are the work horse of where we go and where we've been. Pedicured or not. They always look happy to be right where they are.

One of my many treasures are three punched tin mirrors I have in my kitchen that I purchased 10 years ago at the Urban Outfitters on Mill Ave in Tempe, AZ. They simply hang chest high over a half moon glass, swirled forged iron, wall mount table from Z Gallerie (also on Mill), w/a gifted bamboo plant on top, in a corner of my kitchen. From time to time I use these mirrors to slap on some lipstick or check my teeth for arugula as I pass by them semi-squatting to catch a 4" x 4", muted glimpse of my appearance.

In my most favorite element I stacked votive candle holders under my camera atop of my dog's kennel. Setting my 10 second timer, I slid into my "made just for me" super thick afghan throw from a friend,, iron porch swing. What a great way to capture a celebration of myself this breezy summer afternoon.

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Bit of Small Town Americana

Living in our county seat brings into my life dollops of small town Americana. Residing down the street from the county fair grounds creates an even more intimate connection. From our front porch & open windows dramatic screams of the carnival ride participants drift through the air. Traveling by foot during the five day event countless times to drink in the simple delights it offers is something I look forward to each August. In my philosophy that "inspiration is everywhere" this tiny carnival packs a big punch. My favorite is viewing the children's art. No doubt submitted with triple-extra-large pride in hopes of earning a shiny, royal blue ribbon (and 3 bucks!). The fairgrounds are now left sparse with remnants of summer memories, some of which I have captured on camera, that will last a lifetime.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Art of Food

There's something magical about picking my own food from the garden...any one's garden and creating simple yet flavor exploding meals on a whim. Plucking juicy, plump, sun-warmed blackberries from their gnarly vine along the road, in the back lot or while on a hike in August is a scrumptious treat. Late in the summer doughnut peaches have my heart for I find the idyllic saucer like, natural portion size to be a perfect refreshment. I have four tomato plants this season that are in desperate need of a miracle. Even though they are producing a somewhat fair amount of fruit, they are spindly, weak and all around pathetic looking. I made Black Russian Cupcakes for this years county fair entry and shared a few with the neighbors on the way, coming home with a sack of fresh, crisp, red plums as a friendly barter. Go ahead click on the may make you hungry.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Perfect Sunday Morning!

It must of been the Saturday sunset cruise along the Columbia River in our '52 Chevy that led me in this blissful state of mind.

Beginning the day kneading organic whole wheat flour into a rustic quiche crust sets a pace of contentment.

Filling it with delightful Havarti, honey ham & sauteed mushrooms and onions, using egg whites and organic 1% milk to complete the savory flavors, made for a delicious brunch time meal (even though I can not eat such a wonderful dish for I am allergic to eggs and due to low blood sugar I do not eat any type of grain :(, I do enjoy creating the meal for my family)

Flow: to rise & advance, as in the tide.

A compiled inspiration of a roughly painted background, Tim Burton [CLICK HERE], 1990's graphic design books & my imagination...of course. I look forward to the moments I can steal away from an ordinary day to add color and life to her and her bees.

I named her "Bee Girl" [CLICK HERE]. It seems obvious but the thought didn't occur until I was showing my husband when I was nearly finished with the base painting on the substrate.

These smaller canvases have been based with a semi-dry chalkboard paint, drizzled w/an ivory house trim, center-index-finger smudged with an eggshell white house paint, mod podged tissue paper gingerly torn at the edges and Sharpe doodled on. I have been in the flow of creativity and have learned to ride it until the ebb inevitably takes over. I am most at peace and content during the flow of my art. My prevailing disposition is to put the ebb into a flux of significant inspirational chunks of time. In that same moment my great power of cogitation steers me to possess the patience for the next creative tide to flow.