Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Nuclear Middle Gray Process

So when I started posting these photos I had just come out of this "middle gray" experience, then my 14 year old had to use the computer to write an obituary for Adam West. Don't worry the Caped Crusader is still alive. It was a fictitious theme for a Washington State history project. So days later..I am left with my original photos & zero prose of my attempt at achieving middle gray.
I will now proceed to ad-lib...
...but I have to be present for his piano rehearsal right now so...'s the short of it... #6 is my best attempt at mixing titanium white and mars black acrylic paints to achieve a middle gray. The process was not a quick one. I do remember to keep my head from feeling like this [click me], I felt the need to listen to this [click me], so then I thought about this [click me].

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Capturing the Sunshine

 Walking in the Columbia Gorge on a mild winter day requires
a coat, hat, chapstick and a camera.
Capturing the sunshine is the theme of the day.
It showed up in mysterious ways.
It rested on this overworked metal pipe
like a cozy hand crocheted afghan.
 It radiated through the clouds as
if it was searching to break through.
A traveling ribbon of cloud hovered diligently above the
Columbia river as if it were it's
own personal extra thick layer of sunscreen.
 Every now and then the sunshine 
was free to roam from the cyan sky.
Cotton ball clouds scattered and 
danced as if running naked in the sun.
 Stepping on the sky was allowed today.
I was careful not to startle the sunshine for it seemed
so happy to be free.
Today a little bit of sunshine illuminated the important things.
It stirred questions. It brought new perspectives to light.
It warmed my heart & soul.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Denver, A 7 yr Old & a 2 Day Art Binge

 To prepare for a two day art binge one must first take proper care of their teeth; protect the table; then set up the mediums of choice for easy accessibility.
 First creation: A Happy Banner. All things that made my niece happy we listed, illustrated in pencil contour line forms; overlaid in black Sharpe; added water colors and strung onto a thick cotton string. When I asked if she had a hole punch she replied, "YES! It is in the shape of a fairy". I thought, of there any other kind? The banner is proudly swagged in her room under a netting of butterflies. A perfect location.
 Second creation: Themed Bunnies. Using our art journals we composed a page of floppy eared cuties. Sadie used pre-cut marker drawings she sketched & cut out the day before and a  silly band. I used scrap tissue paper & a Sharpe w/an Alice in Wonderland flare.
 Third creation: Themed Butterflies. Art journal pages turned vibrant with water colors and accurate markings of  beautiful butterflies.
 Fourth creation: A photo from the last art project we worked on in August of 2010. It hangs above the kitchen cabinets in it's all it's pastel chalk colorful wonder.
Fifth creation: A My Little Pony photo shoot on the living room ottoman. Those ponies find there way into daily activities via song & dance performances, story telling, illustrations, figurine play time and our photo shoot. I was informed of their individual names but cannot accurately repeat them at this time. They are very busy little ponies.
Break time: We put our feet up and took a Wii break. We played so diligently that Sadie's hair electrified with static.
Sixth creation: Our house with functioning windows. Two layers of construction paper carefully glued and cut. Active and decorative color pencil illustrations to capture a happy household of love.
 Seventh creation: Themed Sea Creatures. We shared a DVD clip art computer screen and selected the best sea creatures to sketch in our journals. Sadie chose pencil and I, a Sharpe. Well done.
Two determined passionate artists in Denver Colorado on a Two day art binge. A very successful mission accomplished.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Landing in Denver during their first snow storm of the season was a mild adventure. My mind initially thought of crazy scenarios of landing sideways on two wheels, spinning into snowbanks and leaping onto an inflatable carnival style slide to safety. When it came down to it, the mandatory cab ride from the airport to my sisters had my attention more than the routine landing. Blowing snow brought low visibility and icy roads made for an icy windshield. My driver handled the sliding & swooshing with humor and poise. When I asked his name he said "it's easy... B...Z...that's easy...BZ!"
 Patches of clouds broke way to expose the city lights after dropping through levels of the atmosphere that weren't so pleasant. It was images like this that calmed my over active imagination while delivering a small splash of disappointment realizing I wouldn't have the exhilarating experience of safely whooshing down that inflatable slide.
The next day we were off to Breckenridge for the weekend with big plans for indulging in winter activities.
 ...but -16 degree temps took my breathe away.
 I could only vicariously enjoy the winter sports... literally my breathe was unable to function normally thus limiting my activity, it was a first. I still found joy in snapping photos of the incredible vistas. I would of rather been on cross country skies deep in the forest capturing white floppy eared bunnies scampering for food in the soft powdery snow. Does that even really exist or am I extending my dangerous plane landing imagination into the mountains?
 a few days later...back to Denver where the skies were peculiar and my breath returned to normal. I enjoyed a long walk with my sister around Wash Park.
I found it odd that some of the broad leaf trees wouldn't give up their leaves for the season. It was as if they were shivering from the cold in a coat that was too thin. The sound was like a very tall rain stick only to stop when the wind subsided. (well that would make sense wouldn't it?!)
 Hockey with one chic! She held her own. Either that or the guys were afraid of getting whacked by her stick.
It's always nice to get away and it's always comforting to return home. I'm quite content in the Pacific Northwest and thankful I have my camera to help share my story. This [CLICK ME] would of been something to see if there were more time in a day. There is a local Breckenridge gal who makes the most splendid things [CLICK ME TOO].