Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who the heck am I anyway?

So what's it called when a person is so involved every minute of everyday that they loose track of time and wonders "who am I?" Progress? Craziness? Perseverance? Accomplishment? Insanity? Yes is my answer to all. I miss my camera. Every now and then I'll put it in my bag and never take it out. If I'm not entrenched in homework, class time or work I'm running through the streets of Portland to get in my car to drive the long commute home. Sometimes I run in the direction of where I parked days before only to realize at 7am that morning I parked somewhere else. I eventually find my car, which sucks up more time. Now as the daylight is shorter I'm relieved when my bottom hits the bucket seat. I plug in my ipod (typically start with something like this CLICK ME!)(makes me feel a bit surreal in my urban crawl), crank up the seat warmer, take a few deep breaths and wiggle my way onto the interstate. In the home stretch I listen to my youngest practice the piano for a half an hour live via my cars killer stereo bluetooth feature.

Someday these amazing life's efforts will funnel into something spectacular. Not to say the experience is anything less but big things are stirring and I'm rather inquisitive as to where they'll land.