Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Art of Food

There's something magical about picking my own food from the garden...any one's garden and creating simple yet flavor exploding meals on a whim. Plucking juicy, plump, sun-warmed blackberries from their gnarly vine along the road, in the back lot or while on a hike in August is a scrumptious treat. Late in the summer doughnut peaches have my heart for I find the idyllic saucer like, natural portion size to be a perfect refreshment. I have four tomato plants this season that are in desperate need of a miracle. Even though they are producing a somewhat fair amount of fruit, they are spindly, weak and all around pathetic looking. I made Black Russian Cupcakes for this years county fair entry and shared a few with the neighbors on the way, coming home with a sack of fresh, crisp, red plums as a friendly barter. Go ahead click on the photo...it may make you hungry.