Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Sconeday

This weekend kicks off my spring break from school. Although I will be working two jobs plus creating artwork for a gallery submission and completing a few homework assignments it will be a welcomed "brain" break from my otherwise normally chaotic schedule.
Saturday was "veg" day. A movie on the couch was about all I had in me, plus a few loads of laundry; a walk to the store and a chat with my love at his place of work.
 Today is Sunday. A quiet morning with fresh baked scones. Canadian bacon w/grilled onion & aged white cheddar cheese (plus a little whole wheat flour to lessen the guilt) are a savory start to the day with a delicious cup of coffee.
These blueberry-strawberry vanilla scones are waiting their turn in the oven. Savory first...dessert second.
The scone aftermath in the kitchen is so worth the effort, don't cha think?!?!

This is the most perfect scone making music on a lazy Sunday morning.....

Friday, March 4, 2011

February Snow & The Nines Hotel

I have photos and no words. Except for these...
February snow in the Columbia Gorge and
an Art Auction Fundraiser st The Nines Hotel [click me] in Portland. 
Besides school and incomplete sentences that's what I've been up to.
Oh yeah and a whole lotta this...