Friday, February 20, 2009

70 mph roadside photography

My eye caught numerous photo opportunities while cruising down the I-5 corridor along our trip. If I could of stopped for each one I would still be on vacation. The cattle grazing in the rolling hills of California were meditating to watch as we sped by. These are a few adjusted pics of the countryside at 70 mph through the window.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Road trip architecture: Hearst Castle - e

Last of my sharing with the Hearst Castle photos. This is a hallway. Yep, just a plain ol' hallway. I'm sure it has a snazzier name but in the real world it's just a hallway. The State of California now owns the Hearst Castle. I highly recommend making a trip.

Road trip architecture: Hearst Castle - d

Each room is just as elaborate as the next. These are stairs within a room, leading from a sitting area to the loft bedroom. How incredible to be a guest in any room.

Road trip architecture: Hearst Castle - c

The vistas were impecable, whether from inside a window or from one of the outside walkways framed with stunning arches. There is a middle eastern flare to a lot of the art, decor and architecture.

Road trip architecture: Hearst Castle - b

Ceilings in the castle weren't overlooked in the architectual plans. Hearst purchased masterpieces of art from centuries prior. With some ceilings he hired artists from around the world.

Road trip architecture: Hearst Castle - a

On the Pacific ocean half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco is San Simeon. Home to William Randolph Hearst's INSANE opulent castle. I took soooooooo many photos, here are a few. This is the oldest mantle in the castle. Most of the house was heated by fireplaces alone. Massive fireplaces. WR was a huge fan of art and possessed a collection of equal opulence.

Rod trip architecture: Legoland

The farthest south we ventured was Carlsbad, Cal. to Legoland. If a person wasn't inspired by the art of lego creation this would be the spark to light that fire. I included a photo showing that the artist were well represented. The detail on the replica of cities was fascinating. This photo shows the ornate balconies of the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Road trip architecture: Madonna Inn

Just returned from a fantastic road trip of 2200 miles. One of our stops landed us at the incredibly creative Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California. The architecture alone is mesmerizing. The rooms, an explosion of eclectic-gaud like nothing I've ever seen. It inspired me to pay special attention to the architecture along my trip. Over the next few days I will add those photos to my blog.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Last nights moon precluded todays ambiguous weather. Snow, sleet, rain, wind, cold wih a consciousness of warmth that set the mood with a serene tone. If it were summer I would be sketching outdoors. Aaahhh...summer.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Acrylic mermaid

My unfinished mermaid art journal entry. Not sure I'll get back to her to give her a proper tail but the random creation process was very satisfying. I sense a presence of freedom, having her float there with her arms wide open. Not a care in the world. Life is empty and meaningless. True tranquility. Maybe I will get back to finishing her.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cheers to Sharpies!

After posting my last blog entry I couldn't stand it any longer...I stopped the perpetual force of life's compiling tasks and created art. A bestowed moment of time only I was privy to. A pastel black shaded base, black Sharpie marker and a permanent opaque white pen were my spontaneous tools of choice. Cheers to Sharpies!

No time for art time

Life has taken over without the much desired break for personal art time. I do have some yummy new bath products to aid in my relaxation process to clear the mind.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


In my quest to maintain a constant creative flow within my everyday life I frequently stumble in the process. There are blocks of time when everything is inspiring and the creative connection and I are kindred souls (hence my consecutive blog entries). On the flip...there are long, frustrating, dredging efforts to rekindle that connection. While caught in the lull-cycle of my creative efforts I retreated to what I know best, computer graphics. This self portrait is a quick down and dirty way for me to stay on track with my artistic chi. Click on the photo to see a larger more detailed view.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Laundry Day progress

Progress with my "girlie" painting labeled Laundry Day. I am anxiously awaiting ample time to dive into that box of art goodies.