Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Hiked Over & Out

 A hike in the Pacific Northwest is always a magical feast for the senses. This was my last one of the year.
 I find moss covered rocks and remnants of fall leaves soothing & cocooning. I know it will be here for me when I return time & time again yet I still take photos and they always expose new perspectives.
 The forest emanates mystery with a content stillness. It's living and happy to do so right where it is.
 A mythical creature could appear and for some reason it would seem like a natural occurrence.
 The smell of a freshly cut Doug Fir was thick in the crisp air, cut down before it clobbered a hiker by accident.
 Nature creates the most amazing art. How could I not take a photo of this??
 This hike hosted historical treasures of bygone days and a way of life that is no longer necessary (although to create survival skills through critical and creative thinking while executing a good sound work ethic are virtues I believe are important during any lifetime).
To say I was inspired by my surroundings would be an understatement.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Swirlly Candy Canes in the Kitchen

In a wee little nook of my kitchen I have created a chalkboard space for doodling, listing and dreaming.

The way it works is...I begin with a whimsical drawing; grocery lists begin to sprout; random sketches (usually of 14 & 21 year old boyish nature) develop until the board is fulled to the edges and flowing with creativity (which seems to make the grocery lists unimportant).

 The nook gets a lot of foot traffic passing by. The inspired brains of this household dabble here and there, breaking up their busy day for just a moment or two.

 This time around I was inspired by 1990's clip art.

It just wouldn't be me not to include the swirly, spirally coils I seem to be so fond of.

Of course I had to make it my own with sprinkling polka-dots and twisted candy cane boarders.

I recently had the opportunity to create a stop motion animation video. Someday I will post it, in the meantime...I am thoroughly impressed with the process and talented folk who endure the long hours and tedious details it requires. I can see the efforts in this one...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tiny Encaustic Goddesses all in a Row

Tiny Ballerinas...

 Tiny Beauties...

 Tiny Divine Goddesses...

 Tiny Hearts...

 Tiny Mermaids...

and Teenie Tiny Goddesses.

A 52 piece collection of tiny art for a holiday sale in Portland. Priced so affordable you'll think I've lost my mind! The introduction of these sculptural encaustic nuggets marks the beginning of exploration into their many personalities. I am currently working on specialty themes to add to their persona and will post them on my etsy site. As oddity art they provide whimsy with a giggle as they exemplify the Goddess within every women.

All Goddess blocks are re-purposed wood scraps from previous projects. They are original doodles and altered copies of my original mixed media art...soon to come on etsy as well. They all have hanging options and some stand alone. All are encased in encaustic wax medium. Click on them to get a better view and check the etsy site in the near future if your interested in having or giving some of your own. You can always send me an email of interest in the meantime!!

Enjoying this as I create....