Thursday, June 23, 2011

Un-hung Art.

What does one do with un-hung art? I seem to be stashing mine under furniture, on top of art storage bins and neatly filing those that fit next to one another against the wall in my studio. I recently sifted several pieces out to display for a friend in hopes of hanging the un-hungables in local windows this summer.

The charcoal and graphite tree is still a work in progress (as most art can be). However the bottom two panels can be omitted if I were to chose this piece to hang. It was designed to fit into a corner of my living room where a kennel once was tucked away for our Basset Hound Bogart (RIP Aug. '10). I created it for a final project in a drawing class fall semester.

The encaustic collage diptych was another final project in a 2D Design class this past spring. I am bartering the right panel for a camera. The process these panels provided was one I hope to practice more often. The careful planning and assemblage of the lightly painted water color paper rectangles brought a sense of productivity to my work. Encasing each shape in encaustic wax and carving details to enhance their depth and character was hypnotic. A definite present moment experience. It's not often I do just one thing a a time.

I've been working an afternoon each week this summer in a friends flower shop. The stunning selection of floral and fauna never fails to inspire me.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Process, Texture & Self Reflection

My busy life has not allowed for much time to share what I've been up to via this platform. Now that the summer schedule has begun I'm hoping to get back to typing out my artful thoughts on random topics and the beauty I find in everyday happenings.

This last semester I have explored acrylic paints in a much different way than I have ever used them in the past. Above are some experiments in color and texture.

My self portrait represents what springtime weather is typically like in the Pacific Northwest on any given day. I remember pondering what I was about to accomplish with my five classes nearing the end of spring semester. It was a lot to think about but came with a calm sense of appreciation for the opportunity to be present in my life in such an astounding way.

My last entry is a collage assignment I had in a Visual Elements: 2D class. All the charcoal textures are from rubbings from various surfaces all cut or ripped to come together in a photo inspired composition. I would definitely do this again and incorporate elements and concepts from this process into other mixed media works. I did spray fix the final piece, which darkened the value but was worth the sacrifice rather than the piece get smudged entirely during transportation. Yes it took a very long time. Yes I enjoyed the process. I found I got lost in the "do one thing at a time" space it allowed me to be in. Something I do not practice often but should.