Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flow: to rise & advance, as in the tide.

A compiled inspiration of a roughly painted background, Tim Burton [CLICK HERE], 1990's graphic design books & my imagination...of course. I look forward to the moments I can steal away from an ordinary day to add color and life to her and her bees.

I named her "Bee Girl" [CLICK HERE]. It seems obvious but the thought didn't occur until I was showing my husband when I was nearly finished with the base painting on the substrate.

These smaller canvases have been based with a semi-dry chalkboard paint, drizzled w/an ivory house trim, center-index-finger smudged with an eggshell white house paint, mod podged tissue paper gingerly torn at the edges and Sharpe doodled on. I have been in the flow of creativity and have learned to ride it until the ebb inevitably takes over. I am most at peace and content during the flow of my art. My prevailing disposition is to put the ebb into a flux of significant inspirational chunks of time. In that same moment my great power of cogitation steers me to possess the patience for the next creative tide to flow.