Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Green tea and poppy-seed cake...of course

Green tea and poppy-seed cake.
This is one of those pieces that took a while to move through. Possibly the lengthy process has to do with all the big decisions and big unknowns I have in my life presently. Escaping to create is my "safe zone". Creating a pleasing piece while not letting go of a heavy mind took sporadic effort. I had a love hate relationship with this piece through every stage. I must say...I do seem to be in a more pleasant relaxed state of thinking after deciding this piece was complete. It's a beautiful thing...working through and allowing life to be in the present moment, comfortable or not. I will be submitting fresh works  to be juried by the Portland's Audubon Society Wild Arts Festival for next November. Last year was my first show and I couldn't of been more pleased with each and every part of the experience. Keeping my fingers crossed for another acceptance letter. This piece qualifies w/their nature and bird theme and will be part of my selected pieces. Being that it was such a struggle to come to this point of Green tea & poppy-seed cake, I have to wonder why and who will connect with the piece. I am aware of all the faces of those who have purchased my works in the past and have my own visualization of how they came to be together. On a much different note...had floor seats for the John Mayer/Michael Franti-Spearhead concert at the Rose Garden last night. Mayer is a flawless musician but Michale Franti---ROCKS MY WORLD!!! [click here] and prepare to shake what your mama gave ya!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Snapshots of my future

I've been processing nature photos I've taken since the first of the year for an upcoming encaustic photography project. To my surprise I have quite a few that interested me for this medium. Randomly snapping shots in the moment have proven reliable when I need to draw from a creative source. Being that they are my own makes the process that much more fulfilling. If you click on them you may be able to see them in a larger format. The top shot was taken in my home town. It is the top of a cement barrier that is intended to protect our water treatment plant from a potential flooding of the adjacent creek. The majestic walnut tree has yet to sprout it's leaves and is the perfect hang out for red breasted robins passing through on their seasonal road trip home. My kayak made for a great vantage point when the winter waters were serene. It was 44 degrees out with zero wind and you would of never known it in the last photo. Currently I am waiting for paint to dry. I've chosen to spend this day adding a second layer of black paint to my tub room's built-in cupboards. It's only been a year and a half in between coast. Geez. Something to put a bounce in your step today [click here]

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crafty vessels for my stuff

Thank God for public school clay & ceramics classes! I would be hard pressed to find such stunning functional pieces to house my art supply odds & ends. Nestled amongst my mixed media extravaganza are tiny vases, boxes and one of a kind masterpieces. There are even a few candles I received several years ago as Mother's Day gifts that I can't bring myself to melt. I will forever appreciate and treasure these items. I also don't see any less trinkets in my future and am relieved I have one more child left at home with a sculpting future ahead. If you click on them you can see them up close and personal. How do they do this?? [click here]

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lucid. Quiet. Peace. Lullaby.

Some China Town shots in Portland. The Chinese Gardens [click here] is my all time favorite place to be in the city. If I could have any side or backyard landscape it would replicate this space. In the summer months the multi-textured stone floor surfaces are warmed by the sun and taking a stroll through the garden barefoot is something I think is a bit unique. I have yet to experience it at night but the photos are spectacular. The last pic was my view every Monday for the last 11 weeks. I would do the bulk of my homework reading in front of the fire, sometimes even dosing off when the material got monotonous. Perhaps that's an age thing? None-the-less it was an amazing way to get through my studies. I now have a two week break in between quarters and am a bit closer to my Art Therapist degree (of which I still have a long road ahead). I am craving some photo shoot time and need to prepare some mixed media art for the submission process for a show in November. I just realized the book I'm reading in the photo is The Artists Way, not home work at all. Hmmm...I must have snuck that in. I'm at the part where writing a letter to "Sister Ann Rita" telling her to stick it, then mailing it to yourself is a gesture of freedom. Shhhhh...I need another nap...[click here]

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blue Sky, Grey Sky, White Sky, Sunshine.

I began my Saturday with creative journal writing on my chaise in front of the dormer window in my designated art space. The sun broke through the thick flannel blanket of clouds to blind my eyeballs. I had to hide under my afghan to escape the intensity. Of course I had my camera handy, doesn't everyone?? This shot pretty much captures how I felt in that moment of warmed comfort. This is the song that was playing in that moment [click here].
I then went for a walk. The sun was covered in the beginning. The wet ground made for a sound protection of sorts. Once a noise flew by it was sucked into the wet earth. The snow on the mountains must of been beamed with a ray of sunshine for they are blown out of my photo. Either that or I was so memorized by the rest of the landscape I forgot to include it in my focus.
The foot bridge leading to the cove is always of interest to me. It's architecture is never boring. It's an extra special treat to encounter someone on horseback while passing through. Come summertime it is a popular housing area for massive spider webs as big as your face.
The blue sky began to open up just as the wind began to chill my neck. I walked faster after snapping this shot. These trees put on a magnificent show throughout every season. Beneath them lies a popular camping ground for summer festival campers. I can't say that I've noticed them getting any taller in the past six years I've been walking by. It's almost like they are preserved in time. The sky put on a good show during my brisk end of winter walk. I'm glad I decided to go. I still can't figure out how to do spell check with the new blogging format, I am now exposed for my spelling imperfections!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

One of my classes this quarter is a Health & Wellness course. One of my assignment topics was Art Therapy, which happens to be the route I am academically on. This piece is 6"w x 18"h on water color paper. I used acrylics, water, gel medium, inks, magazine clippings and misc. ephemera. It stands for something, of which I am not at liberty to share. However...I think it came together rather well and proudly have it hanging in my studio waiting to be securely fastened to an ampersand 2" cradle box. I've labled it Heart-in-Hand. I've been working on a few smaller pieces the past few weeks and reading the book The Artists Way [click here]. I am in the first week of the book, actually the first day. It's definitely interesting and aims to do miraculous things for you if followed precisely. We'll see. I am always a cynic first. Perhaps that is something I will address in this process?