Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Dave Matthews weekend of creativity

I am a big fan of freeway passenger photography. Most times my attempts are complete blurs, which allows for those few and far between appealing shots to be all the more glorious & rewarding. This barn was beckoning to be captured as we flew by. We had a long approach curving along HWY 90 near Ellensburg, WA, thus providing me with enough time to fumble my camera out of my bag. I like it. It's simple. It's colors are soothing. It represents a confident, content solitude amongst the constant fleeting traffic. On a more personal note... it brought to rest our 3 day 30k people camp out at the annual Dave Matthews [CLICK] concert at the Gorge Amphitheatre [CLICK HERE].

Seeing as how I can NOT stop seeing interest & beauty in my daily life, I have the disease of taking photos of just about every single one of them. Family trips are full of stopping moments of snapshots of the obscure. My camera travels with me like one of my children (it is a bit more behaved at times). I am forever haunted with the images of uncaptured (is that a word??) shots by those few cases of which I had forgotten to bring it along, even if for a 30 minute jolt to the store. When the sun hit the fence line at our 3 day DMB concert camp, it lit up the color contrast between the fresh crisp grass green and the rusty red wood stained panels on the fence...just for me.

The weather that weekend was an art show of itself. Thunderous skies broke into spectacular double arched rainbows. It did not scare off any of the tens of thousands of campers of which got to enjoy the art in the sky. A reward of sorts. CLICK ON THE PHOTOS to catch a closer look.