Sunday, October 5, 2014

Brain Inheritance & Encaustic Wax

Outside of the clever 
craftiness from my mother,
I've inherited my particular
way of thinking
critically and creatively
from this woman...

my 97 year old great aunt.

Our conversations are rich.

We share similar opinions and thought processes.

We lose track of time when we're engaged
in discussions that emotionally invests
our brains in the current state of "things".

Born in 1916
she's had ample time to 
filter out what's not necessary.

She jots down facts she finds
interesting and shares them
with me during our visits.

I am aware that...

17 years ago she read and noted, ..."soup in a metal can can cause cancer."
She asked the question...
"If this is true then why are we still using cans?"

I...find comfort in knowing she's concerned about this :)

She's fascinated by US population statistics and
how they've changed over her lifetime
and how incredibly
people can be.

My great aunt and I
indulge ourselves in our passion for art.
She paints and sketches.
I do a vast blend of everything.
And we discuss this.

For me, this weekend, it was
encaustic wax & ink paintings.

while listening to this...