Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Nuclear Middle Gray Process

So when I started posting these photos I had just come out of this "middle gray" experience, then my 14 year old had to use the computer to write an obituary for Adam West. Don't worry the Caped Crusader is still alive. It was a fictitious theme for a Washington State history project. So days later..I am left with my original photos & zero prose of my attempt at achieving middle gray.
I will now proceed to ad-lib...
...but I have to be present for his piano rehearsal right now so...'s the short of it... #6 is my best attempt at mixing titanium white and mars black acrylic paints to achieve a middle gray. The process was not a quick one. I do remember to keep my head from feeling like this [click me], I felt the need to listen to this [click me], so then I thought about this [click me].