Sunday, January 9, 2011

Denver, A 7 yr Old & a 2 Day Art Binge

 To prepare for a two day art binge one must first take proper care of their teeth; protect the table; then set up the mediums of choice for easy accessibility.
 First creation: A Happy Banner. All things that made my niece happy we listed, illustrated in pencil contour line forms; overlaid in black Sharpe; added water colors and strung onto a thick cotton string. When I asked if she had a hole punch she replied, "YES! It is in the shape of a fairy". I thought, of there any other kind? The banner is proudly swagged in her room under a netting of butterflies. A perfect location.
 Second creation: Themed Bunnies. Using our art journals we composed a page of floppy eared cuties. Sadie used pre-cut marker drawings she sketched & cut out the day before and a  silly band. I used scrap tissue paper & a Sharpe w/an Alice in Wonderland flare.
 Third creation: Themed Butterflies. Art journal pages turned vibrant with water colors and accurate markings of  beautiful butterflies.
 Fourth creation: A photo from the last art project we worked on in August of 2010. It hangs above the kitchen cabinets in it's all it's pastel chalk colorful wonder.
Fifth creation: A My Little Pony photo shoot on the living room ottoman. Those ponies find there way into daily activities via song & dance performances, story telling, illustrations, figurine play time and our photo shoot. I was informed of their individual names but cannot accurately repeat them at this time. They are very busy little ponies.
Break time: We put our feet up and took a Wii break. We played so diligently that Sadie's hair electrified with static.
Sixth creation: Our house with functioning windows. Two layers of construction paper carefully glued and cut. Active and decorative color pencil illustrations to capture a happy household of love.
 Seventh creation: Themed Sea Creatures. We shared a DVD clip art computer screen and selected the best sea creatures to sketch in our journals. Sadie chose pencil and I, a Sharpe. Well done.
Two determined passionate artists in Denver Colorado on a Two day art binge. A very successful mission accomplished.