Sunday, January 23, 2011

Capturing the Sunshine

 Walking in the Columbia Gorge on a mild winter day requires
a coat, hat, chapstick and a camera.
Capturing the sunshine is the theme of the day.
It showed up in mysterious ways.
It rested on this overworked metal pipe
like a cozy hand crocheted afghan.
 It radiated through the clouds as
if it was searching to break through.
A traveling ribbon of cloud hovered diligently above the
Columbia river as if it were it's
own personal extra thick layer of sunscreen.
 Every now and then the sunshine 
was free to roam from the cyan sky.
Cotton ball clouds scattered and 
danced as if running naked in the sun.
 Stepping on the sky was allowed today.
I was careful not to startle the sunshine for it seemed
so happy to be free.
Today a little bit of sunshine illuminated the important things.
It stirred questions. It brought new perspectives to light.
It warmed my heart & soul.