Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snacking - Baking - Breathing - OMing

My life leaves only room for small simple indulgences these days.
Fresh cracked pepper atop a coagulation of organic olive oil and balsamic vinegar always amazes my eyes. Dipping a rustic clump of delectable Dave's Killer Bread "Peace Bomb" into the smooth contour lines of balsamic and oil makes for a satisfying artistic interaction.
 Fresh baked cinnamon rolls brings smiles to sleepy noses & faces (and gets them out of bed on a lazy chilly weekend morning).
 Not all the icing makes it onto the rolls, much of it travels via finger tips directly into hungry mouths. A healthy snack soothes the stresses of the day. Baking for others adds to my relaxing process.
Remembering to breathe before, during and after a busy day reassures my tenacious spirit that all of my crazy efforts are what makes my life enriching.
Breathing to this nourishes the process...about nine minutes of complete stillness starts the day out right...namaste.