Saturday, March 6, 2010

One of my classes this quarter is a Health & Wellness course. One of my assignment topics was Art Therapy, which happens to be the route I am academically on. This piece is 6"w x 18"h on water color paper. I used acrylics, water, gel medium, inks, magazine clippings and misc. ephemera. It stands for something, of which I am not at liberty to share. However...I think it came together rather well and proudly have it hanging in my studio waiting to be securely fastened to an ampersand 2" cradle box. I've labled it Heart-in-Hand. I've been working on a few smaller pieces the past few weeks and reading the book The Artists Way [click here]. I am in the first week of the book, actually the first day. It's definitely interesting and aims to do miraculous things for you if followed precisely. We'll see. I am always a cynic first. Perhaps that is something I will address in this process?