Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blue Sky, Grey Sky, White Sky, Sunshine.

I began my Saturday with creative journal writing on my chaise in front of the dormer window in my designated art space. The sun broke through the thick flannel blanket of clouds to blind my eyeballs. I had to hide under my afghan to escape the intensity. Of course I had my camera handy, doesn't everyone?? This shot pretty much captures how I felt in that moment of warmed comfort. This is the song that was playing in that moment [click here].
I then went for a walk. The sun was covered in the beginning. The wet ground made for a sound protection of sorts. Once a noise flew by it was sucked into the wet earth. The snow on the mountains must of been beamed with a ray of sunshine for they are blown out of my photo. Either that or I was so memorized by the rest of the landscape I forgot to include it in my focus.
The foot bridge leading to the cove is always of interest to me. It's architecture is never boring. It's an extra special treat to encounter someone on horseback while passing through. Come summertime it is a popular housing area for massive spider webs as big as your face.
The blue sky began to open up just as the wind began to chill my neck. I walked faster after snapping this shot. These trees put on a magnificent show throughout every season. Beneath them lies a popular camping ground for summer festival campers. I can't say that I've noticed them getting any taller in the past six years I've been walking by. It's almost like they are preserved in time. The sky put on a good show during my brisk end of winter walk. I'm glad I decided to go. I still can't figure out how to do spell check with the new blogging format, I am now exposed for my spelling imperfections!