Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Green tea and poppy-seed cake...of course

Green tea and poppy-seed cake.
This is one of those pieces that took a while to move through. Possibly the lengthy process has to do with all the big decisions and big unknowns I have in my life presently. Escaping to create is my "safe zone". Creating a pleasing piece while not letting go of a heavy mind took sporadic effort. I had a love hate relationship with this piece through every stage. I must say...I do seem to be in a more pleasant relaxed state of thinking after deciding this piece was complete. It's a beautiful thing...working through and allowing life to be in the present moment, comfortable or not. I will be submitting fresh works  to be juried by the Portland's Audubon Society Wild Arts Festival for next November. Last year was my first show and I couldn't of been more pleased with each and every part of the experience. Keeping my fingers crossed for another acceptance letter. This piece qualifies w/their nature and bird theme and will be part of my selected pieces. Being that it was such a struggle to come to this point of Green tea & poppy-seed cake, I have to wonder why and who will connect with the piece. I am aware of all the faces of those who have purchased my works in the past and have my own visualization of how they came to be together. On a much different note...had floor seats for the John Mayer/Michael Franti-Spearhead concert at the Rose Garden last night. Mayer is a flawless musician but Michale Franti---ROCKS MY WORLD!!! [click here] and prepare to shake what your mama gave ya!