Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lucid. Quiet. Peace. Lullaby.

Some China Town shots in Portland. The Chinese Gardens [click here] is my all time favorite place to be in the city. If I could have any side or backyard landscape it would replicate this space. In the summer months the multi-textured stone floor surfaces are warmed by the sun and taking a stroll through the garden barefoot is something I think is a bit unique. I have yet to experience it at night but the photos are spectacular. The last pic was my view every Monday for the last 11 weeks. I would do the bulk of my homework reading in front of the fire, sometimes even dosing off when the material got monotonous. Perhaps that's an age thing? None-the-less it was an amazing way to get through my studies. I now have a two week break in between quarters and am a bit closer to my Art Therapist degree (of which I still have a long road ahead). I am craving some photo shoot time and need to prepare some mixed media art for the submission process for a show in November. I just realized the book I'm reading in the photo is The Artists Way, not home work at all. Hmmm...I must have snuck that in. I'm at the part where writing a letter to "Sister Ann Rita" telling her to stick it, then mailing it to yourself is a gesture of freedom. Shhhhh...I need another nap...[click here]