Friday, October 30, 2009

Spellcheckless Encaustic Works

I use this photo frequently in my encaustic work. The way it's composed works well with my dimension choices & medium. I did splurge and purchase a couple premade encaustic paint pots. I like the affordability of mixing my own but so appreciate the perfection & lusciousness of the premixed paints. Warning...if you click on the art don't be shocked by it's intense stunning detail, you may be mildly phased but this will pass :) My blog host has done some software updating. Either I can't find the spell check button or it hasn't been added yet. I'm adjusting to the new formatting procedures with frustration & mild whining. Nothing ever remains the same does it?!?!?! Adapt or get left behind. Forge ahead. Crying and hairpulling are optional. Here is a local Portland artist who's music has inspired me while I lost myself in the passion of creating. [CLICK HERE]