Monday, October 5, 2009

How Bizarre How Bizarre

So I've been on a creative roll since I've learned a few new techniques. Actually more than a few...many. I've locked myself away for two solid days doing nothing but art. This piece I've labeled "Divine". I thought I ruined it right out of the gate and wanted to set it aside for a "more convenient time" to make something out of it. Instead I kept the creative juices flowing and pulled off something I love. I don't usually like anything I do, it's always been that way. A shift in my perception has been made with this particular project. How bizarre that this "Divine" work of art represents a different view for how I look at what I create, or lack of view would be a better way of describing it. I kept going and pulled through an awkward stage resulting in something that makes me smile. The intent was.....well.....there wasn't any. That made the entire process all the more joyous. I was present, without thought and this is what happened. I like that.