Friday, January 23, 2009

Ahhh...The Otter

Flamingo oil crayon from high school. I remember running out of energy on this one. I had plans to have the flamingo picking at a cracked china doll head. The begining of my dark stage no doubt.

Tree frogs oil crayon from high school. I also ran out of ideas and time of how to complete the image. I do like this one.

Pen and ink of asymmetrical 1980's fashion divas. This is from college. This was my first gallery piece. It now reminds me of clip art. Who knew in 1984, my freshman year of college, that macintosh computers would change the world of design??? I do have a copy of an article from How Magazine in 1986 that states the Mac won't be an influence in graphic design bacause it dosen't have the capability. Hmmmm...who knew?!?!?

A high school asignment of oil crayons and fruit. I think I had help from a guy named Tony with this at lunch one day. I remember Tony smelling like Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil and wearing checkerboard vans, surfer shorts with a pink polo shirt and spiked blonde wispy hair.

Ahhhh. The Otter done in pencil. My mother's favorite creation. This piece came rolling out of my head and onto paper with no effort at all. I surprised myself. It was my first actual art assignment in high school. This piece is THE sublime representation of where I want to be in the present. Ahhhh, The Otter.

While layers of paint are drying on a triptych I started today, I decided to dig out my past from under my bed. I have a portfolio originated in the early 80's that preserves my trail of art throughout my life. The earliest being an oil crayon I did of Thumper the rabbit in third grade. It is preserved with wax paper. From 3rd grade to high school to college and art school it's all there. It's big, dusty and should have more in it than it does of recent times. However after the introduction of the modern home computer I have many many files of graphic design art, ads, ect. than I know what to do with. Once completing my education I found a career at a marketing firm, advertising co., then a commercial print shop once the mac hit the big time, at which point I had the fearless ambition to venture out on my own into the world of graphic design with my trusty mac by my side. Through trial and error and three years of some of the most difficult soul searching I have ever done, I had built a clientele. I was earning a living on nothing but the support of my family, my husband (which had it'$ dark $ide from time to time) and my exposed raw exhausted true self, skills and talents. 10 years working from a home office. Nice. I have cd's of art from that era that are dust free sitting on a shelf in my art space at the top of the stairs. I have photographed some of the pieces from my life portfolio I felt worthy of sharing. It always stimulates memories and questions of "how the heck did I come up with that?" I admire the focus and time spend on each project when I was a teenager, even though some projects weren't completed. I admire the girl I was to dedicate the time to creating such interesting pieces.