Friday, January 23, 2009

Beatles LOVE

It was time to get a job. After selling the coffeehouse back in September I had planned to take a few months off. Those months have come and gone. What magical months they were. So thankful to have them. Having a part-time job creates flexible time for art. A Vegas trip was thrown in at the last minute. Art is alive and well in Vegas. Inspiration everywhere. Not going for the gambling and drinking but to take in all the new wonders that odd-sureal town has to offer. The Blueman Group and Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil were phenomenal. The art in our hotel room alone touched the soul. The lounge act at the Venetian was thourghouly entertaining with all their well done retro covers of Journey and Grand Master Flash. Free spiritedness was abound during the plethora of lounge paritcipants accompanying the band with Don't Stop Believin'. Can't wait to share the outcome of all that over stimuli of creativity only Vegas has to offer!!!