Friday, January 23, 2009

Semi-recent art

These next three entries are from my sketch book. I sketched this fish of many shapes and painted it at the beach last fall. A friend asked if she could have it. I was honored. It ended up purples with golden back grounds.

I enjoy a good crazy spiral hair lady in ink.

I doodled this woman while still owning and working the coffeehouse. Hence the cafe theme.

Went to the coast of Oregon for a week in the fall with 12 other women. Rented an incredible beach house. I knew when I went on this trip that it would be a soul altering experience. I painted several things. This one being of a chair made out of red yard sticks that sat in the room.

My first of my spiral tree phase. I had left over particle board from an Ikea purchase and left over drywall mud from our renovations. Textured the board, base coated it and let it sit for 6 months. Got the nerve to paint on it and this was the outcome. I was in the zone the zone. It spawned several spiral tree paintings. One not so good.

My first painting done after selling the coffeehouse. It's a 10" x 10" acrylic on an ambersand clay board box. It represents to me a path into another phase of my life. It took me forever to actually paint something. I had it in my head that I spent money on supplies and had to create something fabulous out of it as not to waste anything. I'm learning to let go of that.

Another left over construction piece. I chose a word that I could be inspired by each morning as I came down stairs. It's hung by hardware we had left over from an old Pottery Barn purchase many years ago.

After remodeling our kitchen and bathroom last year we had left over concrete board. My husband suggested using it as a platform for painting. So I did. I was inspired from an asian painting online in a furniture ad for a modern sofa. We have it hung in my art space by cable wire and eye hooks. It's heavy.