Friday, January 23, 2009

Eclectic Mix from my youth

A pen & ink with colored pencils from art school in the mid 80's.

From my dark days as an 80's "mod" gal. Wearing little black boots, half shaved head with red, black and purple hair, sneaking into after hours warehouse clubs to dance all night to the mixes of The Cure and Depesche Mode under stobe lights of multi platforms. Haaaaaaaa youth.

Martin Fry. F-R-Y.

Self pencil portrait from my Jr. year in high school. Not quite in the big hair of the 80's just yet. But spent plenty of money on spiral perms workin' my way there.

Pen & Ink from art school representing texture.

Pencil, pen & ink and oil crayons were my favorite mediums. I have all these tools in my art space currently and have hopes of finding my mind space to create once again. My mind and focus seem to be my biggest challenge. Once I'm in that space it's wonderful. To have it more often is the grand master plan.