Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What is it? What's it all about? Who cares.

I have an old 1920's bungalow home that provides the perfect canvas to create amazing works of art on, in and around. The whimsical fence mural now rests on my fence, basking in the summer sunshine. I have no idea what it is, all I know is that I had no expectations with the process and tried my best to keep my mind clear of thoughts in any direction. I was on auto-pilot. Perhaps from a psychodynamic perspective (Freudian) this concept came from my subconscious. Even so...I still have no idea what it is. I do know it is balanced within the space with it's wiggling multiple lines heavy on the left-view side and it's solid open deep black space on it's right and it has texture in it's many black intersecting lines which sends your eye back allowing the vibrant yellow-green to jump forward. 

So who really cares what it is? It's one of those images that has people looking at it in wonder. The kind of public art that breaks up a person's daily routine providing them with a brief moment in time to focus on something other than where they have to be and what they have to do next in order to be producing responsible organized time. It's almost like a psychological mini vacation and they don't really realize exists. Of course this is my subjective interpretation of what it could be for others and I'll truly never understand how it places in the dynamic of it all. For me it was a process of letting go of expectations and authorizing myself to be in the present moment. If it can alter someones chaotic day for just one minute of peace or creative thought, then all the better.

I have a new camera (on the art barter system!) and had fun snapping shots of random Portland things over the weekend while getting familiar with it's functions. I was on Mississippi Avenue exploring it's wonders when I came across some hens in a quaint garden shop. After returning home, the inspiration remained strong and I captured small spaces of my own garden. The mural photos were taken with my phone. I'm still getting to know my new Canon but so far we're getting along just fine.