Thursday, June 23, 2011

Un-hung Art.

What does one do with un-hung art? I seem to be stashing mine under furniture, on top of art storage bins and neatly filing those that fit next to one another against the wall in my studio. I recently sifted several pieces out to display for a friend in hopes of hanging the un-hungables in local windows this summer.

The charcoal and graphite tree is still a work in progress (as most art can be). However the bottom two panels can be omitted if I were to chose this piece to hang. It was designed to fit into a corner of my living room where a kennel once was tucked away for our Basset Hound Bogart (RIP Aug. '10). I created it for a final project in a drawing class fall semester.

The encaustic collage diptych was another final project in a 2D Design class this past spring. I am bartering the right panel for a camera. The process these panels provided was one I hope to practice more often. The careful planning and assemblage of the lightly painted water color paper rectangles brought a sense of productivity to my work. Encasing each shape in encaustic wax and carving details to enhance their depth and character was hypnotic. A definite present moment experience. It's not often I do just one thing a a time.

I've been working an afternoon each week this summer in a friends flower shop. The stunning selection of floral and fauna never fails to inspire me.