Monday, July 18, 2011

Does this have to have a title? I don't think so.

The kitchen chalkboard is a forever evolving substrate of random creativity by heterogeneous artists. It always begins with a grocery list and my own impromptu sketch. It's handy exposure is like a magnet to my children and their friends. Little by little the space gets filled with bits and pieces of peoples minds. As I've mentioned before...the grocery list, in time, gets buried in the artiness of it all. 

My lavender is just about to fully explode! I tried to capture this visitor but am still getting to understand the many functions of my new camera and didn't get as good of a shot as I had hoped.

I've added a little reuse-sculpture above my fence mural. I'm so attracted to things that rust. The bright contrast of it's coiling wire against the black post pops with interest. It's one of those things that will patina in time, forever changing how it exists in the space. It's neighboring post calls for something more substantial. My mind is churning for the perfect rust of course.

Mid month during the full moon I spent some time on my front porch...with my camera of course. After the one I love turned in for the night, I was left to explore one on one with my new toy/tool/appendage/eye/?. Most images turned out blurry (could the vino have been an accomplice?). Too intrigued to go upstairs and get my tripod I found that holding my breath while leaning against something sturdy pacified my need for a clear, flash-less, glowing composition. Next time...the tripod.
Above is a final for an Art History project I did
at the end of last semester. I chose 1920's soft-cubism
artist Tamara de Lempicka to represent an artist
between the Renaissance and WWII in a composition
depicting a modern use (a cover of Portland's Willamette Week
news publication). I used my 20+ years of graphic
design skills in Illustrator to complete the piece. I was
informed WW's editor Richard Meeker became fond of
it as it was displayed on a gallery wall at school. The
school purchased it and gave it to him as a gift.

Such a cool thing.

I am truly honored.