Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Herb & Dorthy Aspirations (sort of) & A 3 Day Paint Job

How can one not find art in the garden? my case, containers on the front porch with plants in them. Nature has a skillful process of producing perfect color palettes. In the case of the tomato plant, a hue of green that has a close value range paired impeccably with it's complimentary yellow orange in the cherry toms. Blackberries develop into a deep rich purple (slightly shifted to the red side in my opinion yet maintaining a strong blue) contrasting it's green surroundings. This time of year they are a light value of green w/a bit of yellow but representing blue in a delicate way. Mid August will bring delicious berries gently warmed by the sun, of which I will flash freeze and enjoy all year long. In the PacNW we have a love-hate relationship with these aggressive fruit barriers. They are monsters that consume all vegetation, buildings and space. There's no stopping them. The birds "release" seeds after they are finished dining on their sweetness, which covers just about every bit of land. They are everywhere and grow in an instant. After harvesting this summer I will put on protective gear (nasty huge painful thorns) and hack them down as far as I can. 

As I've been spending a lot of time on my front porch these past few weeks, I decided to fill a space on my home above the porch swing with a canvas. I have a habit of seeing voids and filling them. I am careful not to cover every inch of space, rather, create a balance in conjunction with the voids. Only time will tell if I can maintain this practice. Who knows, in 30 years I may have filled every square inch, inside and out. My imagination recalls the story of Herb & Dorothy Vogel. My space will be filled with my own art and the hope of it being worth even an eighth of their collection. In the mean time I will paint when I'm inspired and rest in the space until the process cycles to fill another space.

This painting is on top of another, one I didn't care for and even taped sheets of paper over areas I was so displeased with. This canvas was resurrected well after a year. With a closer view (or a more skilled photographer) hidden textures reveal shapes of the old mixed media painting. I think I've stumbled upon a concept for my next creation after zipping through this free flowing piece. Having no expectations and releasing the mind of clutter is an amazing place to create from.
 On my flight home from a recent AZ trip I busted out 
my sketchbook. I think the first sketch pretty much states 
my subject and the other....I was wingin' it (no pun intended). 
The image is clickable so you can get a closer look. 
I capitalized on my captivity in the middle seat 
while listening to this [C L I C K ME!!!!]. I find my 
sketchbook to be a great source of inspiration for I am
typically creating (read doodling) without an intent. 
Being sandwiched between a solo eight year old well 
rounded traveler and an older gentleman who seemed
to enjoy my progress, made for 

the perfect recipe for