Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Hiked Over & Out

 A hike in the Pacific Northwest is always a magical feast for the senses. This was my last one of the year.
 I find moss covered rocks and remnants of fall leaves soothing & cocooning. I know it will be here for me when I return time & time again yet I still take photos and they always expose new perspectives.
 The forest emanates mystery with a content stillness. It's living and happy to do so right where it is.
 A mythical creature could appear and for some reason it would seem like a natural occurrence.
 The smell of a freshly cut Doug Fir was thick in the crisp air, cut down before it clobbered a hiker by accident.
 Nature creates the most amazing art. How could I not take a photo of this??
 This hike hosted historical treasures of bygone days and a way of life that is no longer necessary (although to create survival skills through critical and creative thinking while executing a good sound work ethic are virtues I believe are important during any lifetime).
To say I was inspired by my surroundings would be an understatement.