Saturday, December 18, 2010

Swirlly Candy Canes in the Kitchen

In a wee little nook of my kitchen I have created a chalkboard space for doodling, listing and dreaming.

The way it works is...I begin with a whimsical drawing; grocery lists begin to sprout; random sketches (usually of 14 & 21 year old boyish nature) develop until the board is fulled to the edges and flowing with creativity (which seems to make the grocery lists unimportant).

 The nook gets a lot of foot traffic passing by. The inspired brains of this household dabble here and there, breaking up their busy day for just a moment or two.

 This time around I was inspired by 1990's clip art.

It just wouldn't be me not to include the swirly, spirally coils I seem to be so fond of.

Of course I had to make it my own with sprinkling polka-dots and twisted candy cane boarders.

I recently had the opportunity to create a stop motion animation video. Someday I will post it, in the meantime...I am thoroughly impressed with the process and talented folk who endure the long hours and tedious details it requires. I can see the efforts in this one...