Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Year Passed & I Ended up on Vashon Island

Last year at this time
I was beginning my thesis studio work.

I am free to sit in my kitchen.
Burn incense.
Cruise the internet.
And stare out the window.

Of course taking the random pic of citrus
in beams of sunshine
is also an option.

I live part-time
on a sailboat right...
so sometimes I awake to this...

and this...

Pour over coffee
is always the remedy
for a crispy

It wakes your ass up in a hurry.

Some days are excellent for a morning paddle.'s difficult to leave 
each morning when I'm on the boat.

I'm ready.
And I'm content.
Not a good work day combo.

I suppose...
that could mean...
I'm a bit off center.

I did hit the road recently.
Bound for Vashon Island,
to prep for a spring show
and meet the curator.

The majority of the ride north was
snugly layered in fog.
Just how I like it.

So I hopped the ferry from Tacoma to Vashon.
{Tacoma, WA in the distance}

It's a short cruise.
But one of the two only ways to access the island w/your car.

A magical place in the harbor.

Full of delightful treasures
in every nook & cranny.
This is always a welcome sound on any of my commutes....