Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Heater Kicks Ass Below Kate & Ben

I've made an adjustment...

from living on land...

to also living on the water...

as I learn how to sail my new home.
(celebratory beverages after a diligent sailing day)

Using my phone as a hot spot is a new thing.
This weekend I've come drastically close
to using ALL data for the month.
(today...November one)

So I drew imaginary portraits on paper towels.

And placed them in existing frames that came with the boat.

I've named them Kate & Ben.
They live by the TV I do not watch
above the heater (that kicks ass).

They took all of three minutes each to make.
They deserve some sort of generalized life story.

I'll be working on that...
as my data dwindles,
and my heater blasts another layer of clothes off my body,
and my sailboat ever so gently rocks. nice.
And this is long as the data holds out...