Monday, November 17, 2014

Autumn Is So Over & Perineuronal Nets Aren't Really Green

Autumn is over
and winter is here...

and Mt. Hood is magnificent.

I recently installed art and lectured
at a quintessential Portland venue called...

Velo Cult in the Hollywood District.

It's a super hip place with super hip people
where you can get your bike repaired while
sipping on their freshly roasted coffee, or a pint of kombucha
or a beer sampler that arrives on a skateboard.

(and their stage is an old castle drawbridge door from the west hills)

I co-lectured with WSUV, PhD neuroscience student, Megan Slaker, on
perineuronal nets, memory and drugs. 

I spoke through an artist lens about how I created
my work in conjunction with her research and lecture topic.

My installation was interactive. Participants blew up
green balloons that represented neurons
and placed them in, on, through the net-like sculpture.

Megan uses the same color in a dye she injects
into her test subjects to show where
perineuronal nets exist in the brain.

The organization I worked with for this event

An incredible group of guys
sharing and teaching 
neuroscience, psychology with art.
and this plays...