Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Windows of the Mentally Ill

In the spring of 2012 I toured the Oregon State Mental Hospital
with my theory of art & psychology class.

We were told we were possibly the last public tour group
to pass through the underground tunnels and old buildings of the campus
before the new owners took over in June 2012.

I took many photos of the grounds and buildings.

I found the windows to possess a sense of entrapment
whether viewed from the outside in or from the inside out.

Most of them are from the abandon children's ward.
Although most of the furniture has been removed
there are still remnants of it's previous occupants
lying about.

I'm particularly intrigued with the views from
within the buildings, the perspective of a patient.

Below are three photos from inside the children's playroom...

The next is the children's solitary confinement...

A view from the play yard...