Thursday, July 18, 2013

Studio Dread Zeppelin

Handcrafted frame to reflect a blurred self.

 Do not dwell in the past,
Do not dream of the future,
concentrate the mind
on the present moment.

My crown, of a few of course.

Constant reminder. 

Cluster of inspiration. 

 Old and new with a view.

Shine on their own. 

 Another's reminder to stay on track.

 Ready and waiting.

A damn good find.

A wall of many nails for many things.

My crown, of course.

 Weekly Facebook Friends art challenges.

 Tools of nonverbal forms of communication.

 Mandala for the bum.

Much loved and appreciated.

 A Hawthorne shop impulse buy.

 Blue bubble vase keeper of cords.

There's always laundry.
Since the discovery of Pandora years ago I've neglected to use the itunes library I so tenaciously built when I had my coffeehouse from 2003-2008. As I've been cleaning out my studio I've allowed it to run a muck playing a vast array of genres from AC/DC to The Violent Femmes spangled with Joni Mitchell and a little Reiki Chant or twelve. Bach and Karsh Kale and Dread Zeppelin also made their way into the mix, somewhat scattered but it all made sense.