Monday, June 24, 2013


This is my studio.

It's been a dumping ground 
for all art related material since we moved in last August. 
When fall semester began I used this space as storage 
and claimed the dining room table rather than utilize it 
as my creative working space. 
There was no time to organize it all while school 
was the main focus of my daily life. 

Well this is it...this summer...which should be now...
I will dig my way out of this treasure trove 
of art supplies and set the space and it's contents right. 
For the first summer in quite a while I am not taking classes, 
therefore I have no excuses for 
not having ample time. 

I'm pretty sure I'll require caffeine to keep the process flowing.

There's good stuff in here, it's all good actually 
but that's what hoarders say... right? 
The rest of my house is clear and free, 
this small space for my creative soul,
is tucked away through the laundry room 
and lays itself out so perfectly to be closed off and forgotten. 

It contains my third grade art of oil pastels 
I so carefully preserved in taped wax paper
 of Disney's Thumper and Hiawatha, circa 1973 
and a large box of colored pencils I got in Tempe, AZ in 1985 
when I attended Graphic Design school. 
At that time my hair was half shaven, 
dyed purple and black 
and I covered the windows of my 1981 Ford Mustang 
(a year that totally didn't count for anything in the Mustang world) 
with Bauhaus, The Decedents, Psychedelic Furs 
and  Siouxsie and the Banshees stickers. 
I also have on the shelf my Thesaurus from seventh grade 
of which all the "naughty" important words like penis are circled. 

Before finishing my spring semester this year 
a mentor at school suggested I create 
all summer using only what I have in this room. 

I may need more than just one summer.

Let's see what happens.





Here's a little ditty you can play while 
cleaning the kitchen or making dinner for he family 
while reflecting on how cool you once were...
if you were as cool as I thought I was that is.