Saturday, September 12, 2009

Borrowed Abandon

I have been lead by this wonderful artist [CLICK] to this wonderful artist [CLICK]. With all of the creative ideas flying around in my head I am at a loss as to grasping a focus on any of them. With that said...I have chosen to follow Liss' "abandon" theme for a photo graphical pull out of the crevasses of my mind.

An abandon scrap of chain link fence from an impromptu back yard demo, sparked by the need for more entrance space. It is a constant reminder of the beginning of a larger demo project for next summer.

A once needed walnut has been abandoned by a local squirrel. It's necessary parts have served their purpose. I'm counting on that squirrel to have done it's job for know one needs 60ft. tall trees growing out of the foundation of their home.

A home left force or choice?

Important tools to start the morning abandoned until the next day for laundry or reuse...their fate depends on the