Sunday, October 18, 2015

Glorious TED talks, Pancakes & Encaustic Wax

I began my rainy PACNW Sunday morning
with TED talks and coffee in bed.

Once my brain was super-charged with
knowledge and ambition...

I made my people pancakes.

I spent time in the studio.

I experimented...

with pigment, oil paint, encaustic wax...

and my deserted
printmaking tools.

I brought my work-in-process out into the natural light...

even though it will
live in that space.

This allowed me to walk around the piece,

walk up to the piece,

view it from a distance...

and from an angle.

Carving with this much detail is a new thing for me.

I think I'll do a figurative composition next.
A self portrait maybe.
I have plans and big ideas.

I experimented all day,

roasted brussel sprouts 
edited wedding photos
cleaned the refrigerator
did laundry
and the dishes.

It was glorious.
She... is one of my favorites...