Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rusty Clawfoot & A Vanilla Blueberry Scone

 The dusting.

The measuring.

The crumbling.
[and ET neck inverted selfie]

The whisking.

The shaping.

The clean up.

The aroma.

They were delicious.
Absolutely F-N delicious...
on my great grandma Mary's...
pre-WWII china.

A new outdoor creekside tub space...

is in the works.
[note to self...
must buy...
one clawfoot
mosquito netting]
And this played on Pandora...

[G-Ma Mary preferred to watch wrestling on TV
over listening to music, 
this song reminds me of her daughter in-law, 
my father's mother, Helen.
I am still surprised each day how
my relationship with her has influenced
who I am in this world]