Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day-Drinking and Encaustic Art

I'm pretty sure when a gal is raised 
in an Irish Catholic Chicago family 
Day-Drinking is 
part of the program.

Now that she lives
in the PacNW
should in no way
 interfere with
family tradition.

Group that with an artful responsibility...

hot beeswax...

old-school dental instruments
(for wax carving)...

and Voila!

(zero credit given to Day-Drinking 
for it was a slow going process)...

a fundraising donation piece for 
a dear friend
who lives day in and day out with

I'm honored to have a gift to contribute
to something
so much larger
than myself.

Pre Day-Drinking...
I began creating my

artist website.
(domain name purchased...
 ten... years... ago)

Launch date...
My new band crush...