Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thesis Anything: The Devil in Me

I was an artist in a room full of bankers
photographing their annual banquet
when a charming, 
retiree board member
informs me, with a wink of an eye, that he thinks...

.............. I have a bit of the devil in me ..............

I was feisty.
And it stood out in that room full of bankers, boldly.

However, I was unaware that I was so transparent and thought,
perhaps the pressure of thesis
is taking its toll and I am about to burst.

So I did what any hard working college student would do
to relieve some built up stress...

I drank...

...while floating in a saltwater soaking pool...

...and devouring a burger here...

After committing to that third beverage
(because their were several more to follow)

it was apparent
that I was well on my way,
sealing my fate,
in feeling
like this Beck video.


(I will admit...he was right,
that "bit of the devil"
was in there, it still is,
and deserves to be let out
every once in a while...