Sunday, August 25, 2013

Postcard Initiative: Artist Dawn Nielson

I've decided to create and set into motion
an end of the summer project titled

The Postcard Initiative.

This concept allows the art in this post
to be shared with all who comes in contact
and takes a second to absorb the images and message
if even for only a few seconds. 
It's possible it will bring a peaceful moment to a hectic day.

I have posted them onto my Facebook site
giving them wings to fly.

Those who have connected in strong fashion
I chose to mailed them the piece 
via USPS, unannounced.

I anxiously awaiting the response.

This method places them into additional circles
of people unknown to me having the capacity to
shift their day into a more positive
realm. Maybe they won't effect some,
however their exposure out in the world
very well could alter someones
thoughts changing the way they
think and behave in that moment thus creating
a positive, pleasant chain reaction.

Two have been released into the void
making their way to their destination.

This could be the beginning of a
practice larger than myself.

And that would be a very good thing.

I invite you to participate
in your own unique way.

This group, on water color paper,
I roughly sketched a vague composition
based on my whimsical mood of the moment.
Watercolors and Micron pens soon followed.

Having a John Cage frame of mind
I continued each piece without a
grand-master plan.

Allowing chance to direct their existence.



While you're creating your own postcard initiative project
perhaps you would be listening to this nugget of goodness.