Friday, August 30, 2013

I Chased the Sun

After a nurturing
cloudy rainy rolling thunder high in the sky
kind of yesterday,
this morning I awoke
and chased the sun.

I found it
peering through
my bedroom window...

streaming past the dining room chair
onto the wall I call an easel...

catching the translucency
of the glass beaded bowl
that hold my vitamins
on the kitchen counter...

resting on the back of the piano...

that sparked the thought
to play some
Mindy Gledhill
what I do...

and then I decided
to venture outside...

where I used it's magic
to steep some wild berry tea I concocted
in a large
pickle jar...

until I noticed
the sun had found
a spot
to skip through the forest
straight towards
the fire pit...

given the optimal view
I indulged in a little
light reading about the
human brain...

when I discovered the
remnants from the overnight rain...

I realized it was
the perfect setting...

for this guy or gal
(who I shall call Walrus)
to cruise
along the pea gravel path...

at which point I knew
this was the perfect place
to create
and pull from my inspiring morning
of chasing the sun.