Monday, May 3, 2010

Passing the Time

So last weekend I went into Portland, parked at the Lloyd Center Mall and hopped on the free MAXline to the Oregon Convention Center where my friend Shawn (a talented metal smith) was selling her jewelry at a show. In the same building were the woodworkers, glass & pottery guild shows as well as a thing called Crafty Wonderland. The artist poured their souls out into their work for all to enjoy. The top photo is of the park at the Lloyd Center MAXline. A sweet spot to cop a squat. The next is some giant art in the Convention Center and the third are art journal entries. I don't have lavish overly creative journal pages but I do spill out a lot of ideas that turn into projects. I also tape in magazine clippings of the things that catch my eye. A showcase of inspirational artistic fantasy no matter how simple or elaborate.